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Schools & Skills

A strong public education–one that is equitable and accessible–is essential to our community’s future. We need to find ways to make higher education more affordable for those who choose that path, and provide access to community college and vocational and technical schools for those seeking other opportunities.

Good-paying jobs

Our economy has diversified to include medical research, brewing, and manufacturing. But that’s just the beginning. A strong economy includes investment in infrastructure to ensure Grand Rapids remains one of the best places in the nation to live and raise a family.

Carol Glanville speaking with a worker in  a machine shop
Blue Bridge in Grand Rapids, Michigan


An integral part of the character and livelihood of West Michigan is the Grand River and surrounding watershed. We have a responsibility to institute strong, sound water quality policy that protects our rivers, streams, and drinking water for future generations.

Reproductive Healthcare

Safe, accessible healthcare can not be about legislating bodies. Putting limits on reproductive health care violates Michiganders rights, and it is my duty to help protect the rights and freedoms of our citizens.

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